February 23, 2022
VA-023, Concordia University (This event is at maximum capacity)

Award-winning social filmmaker and MHSoC alum, Joel Montanez (The Healing Winds 2014), discusses his research and advocacy at the intersection of health and humanitarian psychology and intercultural intervention.

SARA MISHARA – Artist Talk

February 16, 2022
VA-023, Concordia University (This event is at maximum capacity)

Award-winning cinematographer and MHSoC alumni, Sara Mishara (The Great Darkened Days, 2018) will discuss her trajectory as cinematic artist and cowriter of Les Oiseaux ivres (2020). Mishara has collaborated with some of Quebec’s most evocative filmmakers, her staggeringly beautiful images giving material form to their stories.


December 8, 2021
VA-023, Concordia University

Touching on themes of nomadicity, collaborative film practice, and artist-led production models, MHSoC alumni Martinod (Sandoval’s Bullet, 2019) and Beulieu Cyr (Mad Dog Labine, 2018) share excerpts of their collective projects and discuss the impact of the MFA program on their filmmaking trajectories.

BEN RUSSELL – Screening & Artist Talk

November 17, 2021
La lumière collective, 7080 Rue Alexandra #506

Russell’s A Spell to Ward off the Darkness (2013) examines cinema as a utopian proposition and a vehicle for altered modes of perception. His screening is followed by a discussion of his recent film and installation work in the context of the Quebec premiere of his new film at RIDM. 


Spring 2020 – Fall 2021


There are no upcoming events.

LAURA HUERTAS MILLÁN – Masterclass: creative processes and forms

November 20, 2019
17:00 - 19:00
Faubourg Building (FB 449), Concordia University

Fusing ethnography, documentary, fantasy, and historical inquiry, Huertas Millán’s “hyphenated” moving image works develop a decolonial approach to ethnography. Engaging strategies of survival and resistance, her Ethnographic Fictions project, developed at the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University, examines the relation between ethnography and colonialism.

MARIANNA MILHORAT – Masterclass: creative processes and forms

November 6, 2019
17:30 - 19:30
Faubourg Building (FB 449), Concordia University

Quiet and complex, Milhorat’s video and film work utilizes landscape and duration to transform notions of space and perspective, expanding upon and disrupting experimental forms. Her cinematic research examines ecology and human and non-human relations.

KARA BLAKE – Masterclass: creative processes and forms

October 16, 2019
17:30 - 19:30
Kara blake

Blake’s projects range from short films to live projections and installations. Her 35-channel installation Lasciare Suonare (2019) for Place des Arts in Montréal, combines archival images, recordings and animation to tell the story of the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra (1940-1965).

DAN POPA – Masterclass: creative processes and forms

September 25, 2019
17:30 - 20:00

Popa’s Symphony in Aquamarine (2018), filmed on four continents, examines our relationship to water, the sea and the ocean. His film develops sensory and haptic cinematic approaches to explore the lives of sea workers and modern fishermen.

KATHERINE JERKOVIC – Masterclass: creative processes and forms

March 27, 2019
Katherine Jerkovic

Born in Canada and raised between Belgium and Uruguay, Jerkovic claims cinema as her homeland. Her debut feature film Roads in February (2019) examines the complexities of hybrid identity. .

JONATHAN BEAULIEU-CYR – Within our Community

March 20, 2019
Faubourg Building (FB 449), Concordia University

Beaulieu-Cyr’s debut feature Mad Dog Labine (2018) follows youth from Pontiac, a forgotten territory of Quebec marked by crises in the forestry industry that exists on an ambiguous line–between provinces, languages, fact and fiction. Drawing on Quebec’s tradition of direct cinema, the docufiction examines rural precarity in the wake of deindustrialization.

MUHAMMAD NOUR EL-KHAIRY – Work-in-progress

March 19, 2019
Faubourg Building (FB 449), Concordia University
Muhammad Elkhairy -fuck Larawnce

El-Khairy’s found footage research project F**k Lawrence de/reconstructs Lawrence of Arabia (1962). His visual archaeology stitches together news footage, film material, music, and web-based content in a non-linear narrative that examines the role of storytelling and moving image culture in the colonial history of the Middle East and its geopolitical afterlives.

ARIANE LORRAIN – Within our Community

March 13, 2019
Faubourg Building (FB 449), Concordia University
Ariane Lorrain. ZAGROS

Lorrain draws on visual anthropology, the essay film, and epistolary forms to negotiate questions of cultural transmission under globalization. Tracing a path from Montreal to the Middle East, her work poetically documents the fragmentation of territory in Palestine and traditional carpet-making across Iran’s Zagros mountains.

ISO E. SETEL – Work-in-progress

March 12, 2019

Setel addresses the politics of visuality and the material constitution of image. Drawing on expansive documentary and poetic forms, May 31, 2018 (2019) combines phone conversations and long gazes out car windows to reflect on absence and mourning, family abuses and the ongoing labour of care.

JEAN-JACQUES MARTINOD – Visual Collections Repository (VCR)

March 5, 2019
The Illinois Parables (1)

A screening of Deborah Stratman’s The Illinois Parables (2016), curated by Jean-Jacques Martinod.

UNDINE SOMMER – Work-in-progress

February 19, 2019
17:00 - 19:30
EV 3.703

Weaving choreography and imaginary narratives into fact-based stories, Sommer’s work-in-progress A Sea Without Fish dramatizes the gestures of memory. Portraying bodies entangled in history and conflict, her work offers an embodied, somatic perspective on politics.

MICHAEL YAROSHEVSKY – Within our Community

February 13, 2019
14645_LVN_STILL_D_300 (1)

A woman spends her days editing scattered images of the USSR and Japan inherited from an absent lover. The images slowly coalesce in Yaroshevksy’s melancholy and poetic first feature, La Version nouvelle (2018).

ISO SETEL – Visual Collections Repository (VCR)

January 29, 2019
16:00 - 18:00
VA 4-111
Kevin Jerome Everson

An evening of Kevin Jerome Everson films curated by Iso E. Setel. The films: Company Line (30 mins), Pictures From Dorothy (5:30 mins), Fifeville (15 mins)

MFA Symposium

December 2, 2018
The Symposium

A community-building symposium. Advanced-level graduate students present their research to new cohorts, as well as the broader MFA Film Production community.

Fabrique-mondes Launch

October 30, 2018

An evening of film and conversation celebrating the launch of the Fabrique-mondes Lab with a screening of Bill Morrison’s 2016 feature Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016).

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